17 Easy Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend – Mariana Willong

   17 Easy Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend – Mariana Willong

Don’t you want your boyfriend to admire you, love you, and be with you for a lifetime? If yes, then hurry up! Read these amazing tips on “How to become a good girlfriend”.

It seems that you are in a relationship. Are you worried about your relationship? Are you worried that your relationship will not last long and he will find another girlfriend? If yes, then you first need to relax, because I have a secret which helps you to become a good girlfriend. And when you become a good girlfriend then he also wants to become the best boyfriend.

How to be a good girlfriend?

So, are you ready to know that secret? There is no hidden secret to win his heart, you just need to follow a few simple guidelines. And then see how his heart only beats for you. So here are the tips that remove all your worries and help you to become a reason for his smile.

  • First Be the Friend in the “girlfriend”

A relationship doesn’t only mean staying together in one bed or moving around in circles. A good girlfriend is always a good friend, who understands him more then he understands himself.

Try to make a deep connection with him so that he feels more comfortable with you and

wouldn’t hesitate to share his thoughts with you. This way your bond becomes stronger and stronger.

  • Give him his space

It’s ok if you are at the first stage of your relationship and always want to chat with him. But remember as time passed, your actions may become irritating. So “Don’t be like a butterfly who always wants to move around honey”. Every person needs freedom. If you don’t give him some space than sooner or later he wants to be free from you. So trust your man, allow him to enjoy his own life. And see how he will chase after you.

  • Like his friends

It happens most of the time that we don’t like our partner’s friends. Maybe because they are too foolish or too smart. But as a good girlfriend, you don’t need to create a situation where he needs to choose between you and his friends. His friends are also part of his life and enter a long ago in his life. As you are his women now so, it’s your responsibility to respect those whom he respects.

  • Make his friends like you

A person always takes advice from their friends so, to get his more love and more the attention you also need to take his friend’s approval. Once his friends start liking you, He also gets their satisfaction and feels proud to have you as his girlfriend.

  • Feed him well

Elders always say “if you want to win your man’s heart then starts your journey from his tummy”.

You don’t need to stay all the time in the kitchen and make a table full of dishes. You can show your love and care just by cooking some snacks or soups too. Remember, He doesn’t need you to be a master shelf. He only needs someone who cares for him.

  • Don’t give him a reason to be jealous

Jealousy is a crucial feeling in man’s heart so, always try to not give him this feeling. No matter how beautiful and hot you are, how many men chase after you. Give your man a feeling that he is the one and only one in your heart. In the last, you are his woman and he always wants you to be loyal.

  • Trust Him

Don’t behave like a detector who always asks questions. Trust is the main factor in a relationship so, give him such confidence that he believes that you trust him. A good girlfriend also Knows how to rebuild trust when it is broken.

  • Build up your pleasing Personality

People always love those who have a pleasing personality. If you have a negative personality then he might feel uncomfortable with you, especially when bringing you to any social events. As a good girlfriend, you need to maintain a pleasing personality so that he feels more comfortable with you around him.

  • Turn nagging into an irresistible request

Sometimes he may behave like a two-year-old child and make a mess around, but that doesn’t mean that you have to behave like a wild cat. A good girlfriend always tries to spread sweetness through her mouth, not fire. Try to speak in a lovely and seductive tone and see how his heart melts towards you.

  • Learn How to listen

A man always wants someone who listens to him well, especially when he is tensed. So when he is in a bad mood, try to listen more when he talks. The more you communicate well with him in his tough times the more your relationship becomes strong.

  • Pick your battles

As a good girlfriend, you also need to know when and where to start a fight and when to stop it. If you always kept on fighting with him on tiny stuff then you are the one who ruins your relationship. Be mature and learn to pick a battle. Try to not destroy your happy day.

  • Be great in Bed

A dish is always incomplete without the salt. The same applies to a relationship. A relationship is always incomplete without beautiful sex. You need to improve your bed skills to give him a pleasing feeling. We are not forcing you to be a porn start but Remember the more he feels you enjoy the more he likes to spent time with you.

  • Make him feel special

When a man feels that his girl cares, more about him than herself, believe me than his love increases 100 times. Don’t you feel special when someone cares for you? So try to give him a special feeling like: when he is going on a business trip, ask him to text you after reaching safely or when he is sick, give your best to him.

  • Make him Feel Appreciated

A man always do some efforts in a relationship. Like, he is busy with his work but still, he takes some time from his busy schedule to enjoy with you. Try to appreciate his efforts by recalling the moments that you live together so that, he feels proud and thinks about giving you some more special moments.

  • Feed his EGO

The more the man looks bold outside, the more he is sensitive inside. To keep his distance from other girls, you need to give a raise to his ego. A good girlfriend needs to appreciate his man’s true abilities, always avoid telling lies because he is much familiar with his abilities.

  • Let him be the man in the relationship

It’s the natural thing that every man likes to lead, allow him to do so. Listen to his advice and allow him to take decisions. This way he also feels revealed and treats you like his precious treasure. Even then he asks you about your opinion.

  • Be confident in your Skin

Don’t try to change yourself just because of other opinions. Try to develop confidence in yourself. If he is with you that means he loves you as you are, so avoid negative thoughts and lead a happy relationship with him.

Author bio: 

Mariana Willong graduated with Bachelor of arts in Philosophy from the Auckland University. She is an energetic Self Development evangelist.

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