5 Evan Marc Katz Reviews Showing How His Clients Found Love and Happiness

 5 Evan Marc Katz Reviews Showing How His Clients Found Love and Happiness

Every single woman wants to succeed in real life or internet dating. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. 

The fact is, it can be hard to understand men. This has led many women into one or more bad relationships, leading some to swear off dates for good.

Despite this sad experience, you should know that you will eventually prevail as long as you seek the help of dating coach Evan Marc Katz. As a personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women, he has helped singles get the love and relationship they deserve since 2003. 

From writing online dating profiles to personal growth, Evan Marc Katz can help you find the right dating experience. Here are some Evan Marc Katz testimonials that will convince you to get his online services: 

From Being Dumped to Getting Married

Shelagh M. has experienced what most women would never want to happen in their lives: being left behind for good. 

Because of this, she thought she was the problem — until she read Coach Katz’s blog post. Moved by his words, she devoted some of her time to private email coaching. She immediately started working on his tips, including improving her dating profile and getting professionally-taken photos. 

Not long after, she met Dale. Taking Evan’s advice of “paying attention to how he treated her,” she’s now about to wed him after 2.5 years of being together. 

Married to the ‘True’ Mr. Perfect

As with most people, Karin G. dreams of a beautiful wedding. 

However, she continued to fail on this aspect because she always had to get Mr. Perfect. While it’s something that every woman wants, she ended up focusing on the guy’s imperfections. 

With Evan Marc Katz’s tips, she realized that what matters most is the person’s interest and life commitment. If it hadn’t been for this advice, Karin wouldn’t have persisted with her relationship with Gary. 

Now, she’s more than thankful she listened. Gary may not be the best, but he was the one person who would dedicate his entire world to her. And that is more than enough for her.

Changing Her Outlook and Lease in Life

Mary L. was having a ball as she was dating several men at once. 

The first was John, her next-door neighbor and devoted dad. The other was George — a rich yet arrogant person whose likes one would read in a romance novel. Then there’s Robert, a smooth Italian who wooed her but dumped her in the end. 

Because of these issues, Mary went to the website to seek the help of Mr. Katz. He told her on the get-go that Robert would call him again. 

(Spoiler alert: He called her three times — all of which she happily ignored.) 

Evan Marc Katz also taught her to flirt on her online profile. This is how she got John and George in the first place. 

And, in all this commotion, Mary did find the ‘one’ in John. He sent her loving texts every day and gave her roses for no reason at all. He even followed her to Minnesota just to spend the 4th of July with her. 

With the help of Evan’s online dating coaching, Mary finally got to be with the best person she could ever want in life. 

A Mrs. Soon!

Ali G. is soon to be Ali S., many thanks to Evan’s tips. 

His comments on compromise made her appreciate the efforts of her partner. She was guilty of not doing so in the beginning, but Evan made her realize that actions indeed speak louder than words. 

Armed with the tools and tips she needs for dating, Ali G. is now set to marry the man of her dreams. Being the happiest she’s ever been, Ali is bent on paying it forward. 

She shares all the things she read in Evan’s book and the dating advice she received from him with other single people looking for love. 

Dating After Divorce

After being divorced for 15 years, Carol no longer has the time or energy to invest in another failed relationship. After all, she had eight relationships in the past that all led to nowhere.

After hearing about Evan Marc in Katherine Woodward Thomas’s webinar, she decided to take his advice. After all, she often looked for a relationship that was not for her. 

And when she realized that she was the CEO of her own life, everything turned for the better.

Now, after several years of being single, Carol is finally living with her newfound love.

True enough, Evan Marc Katz’s free tips encompass any age and situation. As long as you believe in relationships and are willing to do anything to make things better, you will have the same beautiful story as the reviews above!

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