7 Things To Do To Ensure That You Remain In A Platonic Relationship 

 7 Things To Do To Ensure That You Remain In A Platonic Relationship 

In today’s fast-paced world, the commonality of friendships and relationships between different genders is a common practice. However, when you become friends with someone from the opposite sex, there are two common possibilities out of the situation. One, you can remain best of friends without getting involved with each other physically or second, to get together and be in a relationship with one another. However, most people today choose to combine the 2 to get the best of both worlds, however, it is not beneficial for either in the long run.


There is always a very thin line between a platonic relationship and a romantic relationship with the opposite gender. You can either choose to explore the romantic and physical aspects of your relationship with your friend or you can choose to keep it platonic. However, it is necessary to draw the line clearly between the two. To know more, check out https://hercircle.in/engage/relationships/love/What-Are-Platonic-Relationships-And-How-To-Make-Them-Work-1833.html

Ways To Remain in a Platonic Relationship

Here are seven different things you can choose to do to remain in a platonic relationship without hurting the other person’s feelings.

1. Be Honest

The first thing to do to remain in a platonic relationship is, to be honest with yourself and the other person. Let them know what you feel to ensure you are on the same page as them as this will avoid awkwardness, unexpected confrontations, and much more. 

2. Set Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are necessary to keep any relationship from falling apart and a platonic relationship is no exception. It is important to differentiate between what you can share as friends and what you should not share as friends to make sure that you do not cross the thin line between a platonic in a romantic relationship. 

3. Avoid Physical Affection

It is very common to get distracted at the moment and give your friend a peck on the cheek or a very tight hug. However, it might not mean the same to them as it might to you and so to avoid that, avoiding physical affection at all times can be beneficial in keeping the relationship platonic. 

4. Give And Take Space

Space is very important regardless of whether you are in a platonic relationship or a romantic relationship. Similar to wanting space from your romantic partner, giving yourself and your friend enough space in a platonic relationship will help maintain the necessary distance between a romantic relationship and a friendly one. 

5. Avoid Sex Related Conversations

Another thing you need to do to remain in a platonic relationship is to avoid any conversation around sex completely as your intentions might be clear but the other person might get confused and forget about the thin line differentiating a romantic and a platonic relationship. 

6. Do Not Go On Friendly Dates

Most people believe friendly dates are harmless and are an easy way to have fun with your platonic friend whenever you want. However, the atmosphere of a date is somewhat demanding of things that are not normal or common in a platonic relationship. So, to avoid the possibility of the date going in any other direction, avoid going on friendly dates completely. 

7. Avoid Complaining About Your Partner

Lastly, if you are in a romantic relationship or are figuring out the possibility of the same with someone, do not use your platonic friend as a listening board to rant, discuss or complain about your potential partner. This is because it will help keep the two relationships separate and also not encourage the platonic friend to make a move.

To conclude, the relationship is as beautiful as a romantic one provided you keep a fair distance between the two and do not cross the line in the name of alcohol, loneliness, etc. If you wish to remain in a platonic relationship, always keep open communication between you and your platonic friend to allow no scope for doubt.

Danny White