9 Best Sex Toys For Queer Couples

 9 Best Sex Toys For Queer Couples

Toys are used in many different ways by couples, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. A visit to your favorite accessories shop might change your mind.

Although many sex brands continue to market directly to straight, cisgender partners, there are plenty of options for queer couples looking to add to their collection. Couples of any gender can find the positive vibes and support they need, provided they are aware of what to look out for.

These are the top sex toys for men by cupid boutique and games for LGBTQ+ couples:

  1. Lube

Excellent for: Everyone

The starting point for all things is lube. Water-based Lube can be used on most sex acts and is safe for silicone toys. Glycerin can irritate the vaginal area so people with a strained uterus should search for glycerin-free lube. Silicone Lube is more smooth and difficult to clean off. 

  1. Shilo Dildo

A great choice for: Anyone looking for a penetration toy

Shilo dildo is for penetrative play. It is designed to be able to be folded for storage, then straightened into a penetrative shape for play. The toy’s flexibility allows it to move with your body, making it more natural and comfortable to switch between positions.

  1. Pulse 3 Stimulator

Ideal for: Anyone with a penis

Masturbation sleeves make great sex toys, especially for those with a penis. This sleeve uses pulses to stimulate hot areas along the shaft. It targets the nerve-rich frenulum or corona.

Although it is a great for solo play, the Pulse has an external vibrator that stimulates a partner’s sweet spots. 

  1. Inspire Silicone Dilator Set

Excellent for: Trans women

Cupid boutique blog describes Dilators sex toys for women are often recommended for transgender women who want to have sex without pain.

  1. The Realdoe Strapless Strap On

A great choice for: Anyone looking for a penetration toy

Double-sided dildos can be enjoyed by all, even lesbian couples. It is often simpler to have the person who will be receiving the penetration lie on their back, with the wearer lying on their stomach.

  1. Clitorial Supports

Ideal for: Anyone with a clitoris

You’re not the only one who struggles to get by with just penetration. A clitoral stimulator is a great alternative to traditional bedroom play. The flexible wings allow for easy penetration and enable you to feel hands-free clitoral stimulation.

  1. Buckoff Stroker

Great for: trans men

The Buck of FTM Stroker was created by Buck Angel, a trans film star. It is an excellent stroker for trans men who have had some growth while on testosterone.

Many trans men find that Buck Off provides a more ‘penetrating feeling’ to their phallus than other products for clitoral use.

  1. Bribe Rimming Plug

For: Anyone who loves anal play

Sex toys for couple who love anal play; this is a must-have. The neck is equipped with rotating beads that provide stimulation throughout the shaft. The remote control is available so that your partner can enjoy your pleasure.

  1. Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Excellent for: Everyone

Women and men may feel a stronger sensation in their nipples. It’s usually a surge in hormones that increases the sensation, which makes nipple clips especially exciting for lesbians, cis, and trans women.

Danny White