A Candid Look Into the Question You Need to Answer to Understand Your ED Condition?

 A Candid Look Into the Question You Need to Answer to Understand Your ED Condition?


To treat the ED condition effectively, remember, that it’s a very common disorder and entirely treated by medicines such as gotas Casanova. You need to ask yourself specific critical questions and answer them truthfully, to understand whether you have erectile dysfunction or not.

First, let’s understand the most common symptoms of impotence:

  • Getting an erection but not hard enough for having sex.
  • Unable to erect
  • Getting an erection sometimes but not eachtime.
  • Getting an erection but unable to maintain it.

Some other complimentary symptoms include:-

  • Loss of libido (low sex drive)
  • Early ejaculation
  • Other problems during ejaculation.

After you identify such symptoms, the first step in the preventive medicine of ED is taking a thorough medical, psychosocial, and sexual history. As it is a sensitive topic, the doctor should be caring enough to make you feel comfortable while sharing the details about your personal life.

While conducting an interview, specific questions will be probably asked by the doctor:-

  • Are you having difficulty getting an erection?
  • Is it suitable for penetration?
  • Is your erection maintained until the partner gets an orgasm? 
  • If the ejaculation happens, do you lose interest in sex?
  • The doctors will also ask if you have any current medications, about any surgery or any other disorders, etc.
  • They will ask about the medications you have been taking during the past few years, including all supplements and vitamins.
  • It is essential to inform the doctor about alcohol use, caffeine intake, tobacco intake, as well as any drug use.
  • The doctor will enquire about the indications of depression, problems, and tensions about the sexual relationship, anxiety, nervousness, moodiness, and any other stress at home or work.
  • Did any major incident like divorce or surgery happen during the same course of time?
  • Have you reduced your sexual desire?
  • Since when have you been facing this problem? 
  • What was the frequency of your erection before getting the problem?
  • Have you already done any treatment for ED? If yes, then what were they are did they work for you? Were there any side effects or problems in using them?
  • Are you interested in trying any particular treatment? Are you against trying any specific treatment?
  • How rigid and hard are your erections now? Are you able to get a suitable erection while having sex? Are you facing a problem while maintaining an erection?
  • Can you achieve ejaculation, orgasm? If yes, does it feel good?
  • Do you still get erections in the morning?

Maximum time ED can be a symptom of medical problems, so it’s better to consult a doctor if you face any sexual dysfunction. Before you visit a doctor, make sure you are entirely prepared to answer these questions and be completely open about your condition. Each small detail holds immense importance while treating ED. Also, the most crucial factor is admitting to yourself about health and be positive about it.