A night that you wish to repeat every night

 A night that you wish to repeat every night

Amsterdam is the city that always illustrates your perception of elegance. And the city Grace us with some magnificent looking women we have ever seen in our lifetime. From the new age sensations like Bregje Heinen, and Marloes Horst to our very own 007 girl Famke Janssen from the movie Goldeneye. Whenever we feel lonely, we fantasy those women in our dreams, but we know that some dreams never come true at the end of the day. Or is there still any chance for me and you?

Discovering the nightlives of Amsterdam

On my first visit to the city, a friend of mine always said ‘work in the morning & party at night’ – that’s how we roll here. At night when the city comes to life, it almost feels like it breathes differently. Club to pub everything is dancing in a rhythm with you & then I visit the famous red-light area & God I was speechless. This city has one of the finest women you will ever see in your lifetime, and I was not even exaggerating. 

It was always those wet dreams. And the desire to get amused with unknown Amsterdam Escorts models. The bold, sexy girls you always dreamed about on those lonely nights, but it’s only truly happening this time. Define excitement. Is it all about sex? If it’s not, then what matters the most? These are the questions that I was asking myself but wait, they are female escorts, right so why am I defining them to be like gods only creation because they are not? They are regular people just like me & you isn’t it? 

Dedicated Services by specials Escorts

Then my friend introduced me to Alisha, a female escort who was on her off-hours & she was a fairly attractive woman with a very sexy accent. I still remembered her sensual, inviting smell it was Carolina Herrera that she was wearing. We talked for hours, and she seemed quite fond of me. We were near the skinny bridge when she kissed me & agreed to spend the night with me, we took a cab and landed in a low-cost hotel, and the radio was playing Lady in red by Chris De Burgh. She was looking at my eyes like she was looking into my lonely soul; I was aw for a moment when she started stripping her clothes slowly while we were entering the room. The room’s dark, cozy, and warming feeling was almost like a shell for lovemaking.

I used to think that good thing comes to an end very fast. But it was an endless night for me. Later my friend informed me that there are several other Amsterdam Escorts like Alisha working with who can make each night filled with thrill.

Dalton Smith

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