Globalisation has many benefits and one of the benefits is that globalisation provides ambitious, passionate and romantic people to find their match throughout the world. 

Finding the right person for you is not just confined to your locality or city or even your country because now the entire world is your playground. 

And this is only possible because of international dating services that are becoming quite popular and quite effective at helping people find the right person for them. 

There are innumerable benefits of international dating services and there are even some disadvantages to them. 

In this blog we are going to focus on the good and the bad of international dating services and help you decide if you want to use these services. 



One of the most important things if not the most important thing about looking for a potential partner is choices. 

While some might argue that more choices can confuse your mind but others might argue that it is actually the opposite because the more choices you are going to have the better you are going to choose your partner. 

The best thing about international dating services is that you will have unlimited choices but there is a problem with this which we are going to discuss in the disadvantages section of the blog. 

You are going to have the option to filter out the ethnicity that you are attracted to and the languages that you are attracted to and you can also select so much more.

You might be attracted to a certain culture and you find people of that culture attractive and with international dating services you can do just that.

You can also filter out cultures that you do not like because everyone has some preferences and with international dating services you can do that by blocking out entire countries.

The options are endless. 


This is also one of the reasons why people choose international dating services because of the convenience that services like this and apps like this provide. 

You do not need to visit individual countries in order to meet the perfect person and you can very easily chat with them in order to find out what kind of a person they are.

There are also certain details that must be filled up in the bio section which can give you a good idea about the person.

There are also apps that support video calling that will also help you interact and have a very simple and easy way of communicating.

This is very important when it comes to international dating services because when you finally decide to meet the person it will take a lot of planning and expenses to visit another country for a single person and that is why you need to be sure before doing so.



Now you might wonder why we are repeating a point that we had already mentioned in the benefits section and there is a good reason for it.

You might have noticed that divorce rates are higher than ever in the age of the internet and online connectivity.

It is rare to find people getting a divorce when there were no dating apps and several types of research that have been conducted by several reputed institutes have a single thing to blame for. 


While in a modern democratic society choice may seem like freedom and a necessity but sometimes, when it comes to dating and when it comes to other things in life, more choices can actually be a bad thing.

This can be attributed to the human nature of never being satisfied with something and humans always try to improve themselves and always try to be in a better position than they were before.

This can be a good thing when it comes to one’s career and this can be a good thing when it comes to wealth and prosperity.

However, things can take a turn for the worse when it comes to dating.  The more choice people might have in dating the more they might not be satisfied with what they have currently.

International dating services gives people the choice to always look for the better person and people usually do that.

Relationships don’t last because people are always looking for a better person than they already have.


The greatest problem with anything online is the level of scams and frauds that are possible with any kind of service and that is the same when it comes to online dating services.

Whenever you are creating an account in a dating service you are potentially opening up to many scammers and fraudsters who are going to pretend they are someone else.

However, it still might not be a big problem because you can identify them because you are familiar with people from your culture and you can have an idea about who is trying to scam you.

The equation becomes even more tricky when it comes to international online dating and dating services because the chances of you finding out if they are a legitimate person or they are trying to scam you can become difficult to ascertain.

It can be very hard to verify if someone is genuine and if their intentions are genuine and it can be something even more dangerous if you go to meet that person in their country because you are now not in familiar territory. 

You are at the mercy of that scammer and you have no idea of finding out that you are in danger. 

While there can be scams in your country but there will only be a limited number of scams and most of the techniques will be familiar to you but when you are on an international dating service you are going to be exposed to every global scam out there. 

This is also the reason why many people avoid international dating websites and services. 

We hope this blog has been helpful to you in order to understand international dating services as it can be a good thing as well as a bad thing and it can be dependent on luck for the most part. 

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Dom Paul