Best kissing tips to woo the client

 Best kissing tips to woo the client

Kissing is the firmest emotion for humans and if you are catching this article you are definitely a fan of great kissing. Naughty, tender, firm, playful, passionate, sexy there are multiple ranges for you to decide for you and your partner.

As an escort, it is really important for you to please your clients, which can be a good start than sensuous and passionate kissing.  And when it comes to Escort Frankfurt you can have your best time of life.

HeRe we present some best kissing tips to woo the client.

Suck those lips

You can already feel how amazing it could be for anyone you meet and play with the intimacy.  And just by imagining you can feel that intimacy, then what would be the feeling of actually doing it. Just with a kiss you are ready for the mood and don’t need much foreplay.

So when you are with your customer try tugging with the lower lip. You can try its upper lip also it works the same and the feeling is beautiful.

Raising the temperature, with the sensuous mood before the sex part.  Make things more sensuous and impress your clients.

Add a flavor to your lip


Everybody hates it when their lips look bad and dry right!  Your client will also feel the same. Well, keeping yourself kiss ready is really important. So it is really important for you to nourish your lips and keep them tender. The best thing with your lips you can do is make them extra kissable.  Apply lip balm daily and keep them healthy so when you go for a kiss, it feels amazing.

Change the positions

We are still talking about the kiss here. Well, it gets boring when you are stuck on to one position and you may lose the interest. So it is really important for you to focus on both the sides by tilting the lips a bit or moving your head now and then.  This way you will avoid the neck pain and make things steamier.

Body language plays an important role

When you are with the new client you don’t know their moves and when they are going to kiss you.  So in such a case, it is better to keep an eye on body language and see how their body reacts to certain moves.

Let them lead

Many clients love to be the dominant one between closed doors. It is better to know the preference of the client to be the one who leads or the one who loves to be led. Feel free to plant the amazing and sensuous kiss on their craving lips. And if your partner is seeking equality, reciprocate what they demand.

And the best- Do it like they do in France

Everybody might have experienced or even might have heard about the world-famous french kiss. Aaahhh! the feeling is speechless. Lip locking, slipping and rolling the tongue inside the partner’s mouth for some toe-curling sensation. Escort Munchen provides you the best experience you could ever imagine. All it matters is the best time and lots of fun.