Everything to know about the Vicky stark nude

 Everything to know about the Vicky stark nude

More than a hundred nude photos involving Jennifer Lawrence, Katherine Upton, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, or the Vicky stark nude were dumped on the rogue picture forum site, 4chan.Jennifer Lawrence has threatened legal action against anybody who distributes or promotes the photos. If there was one, the original hacker is on the run as the FBI investigates.

The act of stealing is a crime that may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the jurisdiction. State laws on hacking penalties range from a few months in jail and a $1,000 fine to as much as 30 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Victims may pursue civil action against hackers, such as suing or claiming financial damages whose amount varies from case to case if charges aren’t brought or can’t be established.

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University of Virginia law professor Danielle Keats Citron, who specializes in cybercrime, believes that renowned people have to sacrifice their privacy in exchange for fame doesn’t hold up regarding illegal conduct like hacking. Celebrities are just as protected by the law from this kind of cyber theft and abuse as everybody else is.

Christopher Chaney, the infamous “Hollywood hacker,” was facing up to 121 years in jail for stealing the mail of more than 50 stars, like Scarlett Johansen, Mila Kunis, among Christine Aguilera, and exposing their naked images online. In 2012, a judge ordered him to serve ten years in federal prison and pay $66,179 in reparations.

Things To Know About The Viral Nudes Getting Leaked:

Chaney eluded the FBI for a whole year before they could positively identify and apprehend him. Using his computer made it simpler for the Police to track his identity after he stole, downloaded, and shared unlawful images. Identifying the 4chan hacker(s) will be considerably more complex since allegations of responsibility differ. According to 4chan’s rules, full of disclaimers, users may hide behind anonymous screen identities, and their IP addresses cannot be tracked.

“Members of the original 4chan staff are protected from legal action. Under the terms of the Communications Decent Act, they are shielded from legal consequences unless they take part in the illicit activities themselves, “As Citron revealed to Cosmopolitan.com. In my opinion, the need for a limited amendment to the statute is obvious. Sites whose only purpose is to facilitate cyberstalking material and profit from unlawful breaches of privacy must not be permitted to operate.”


If the police don’t help or the victim doesn’t have the money to file a lawsuit, they still have choices. Cyber Rights Movement Initiative is only one of several advocacy organizations that helps victims connect with pro bono legal representation. Furthermore, Not Without My Okay is a non-profit organization that seeks to inform victims of internet harassment of their rights under the law.

It is a long and challenging road to retribution for victims of cybercrime. And yet, Citron is confident that the chat box hackers will be identified. I do not doubt that police officers will exhaust every possible effort to identify and apprehend those responsible, what with all the media coverage and the victims’ financial backing.