Here’s how the internet has tweaked dating today

 Here’s how the internet has tweaked dating today

Today dating apps are a multibillion-dollar industry. Moreover, being a big industry, dating has matched people around the world. There are right now 30.4 million people using dating sites & services and nearly 8000+ dating apps are popping around the world. Believe it or not. 20% of relationships today have started online.

Today you have endless possibilities and opportunities to choose a dating service from. Popular apps like bumble, tinder, TrulyMadly are major & top competitors. If you think dating profiles are similar to that of matrimonial apps, then that’s a completely wrong belief. Concerning the aforementioned knowledge, let’s dive into a few studies that tell us how the internet has changed dating completely today!

  • Time is saved!

How difficult was it to find a girl or a guy who is right looking for someone too? Back in the early 2000s, this was a difficult task. A typical process would involve shying, hesitation, cowardly ask-outs and finally, a relationship would start. How long should that have taken? Sounds like a good month. The Internet today has brought a platform for like-minded people who are in search of the same. Hence saving one a huge deal of time. Dating apps let you connect honestly and show an accurate picture of your interests very clearly to the opposite person.

  • Multiple choices

When your favourite ice cream fell out, it was heartbreaking. You had to go fetch for another but there was a long queue. Unfortunately, you had to wait. Why wait when you can get two or more ice creams in just one visit? Dating today allows you multiple options to choose from. To make things clear here, dating apps are not intended for fidelity. They just help you with options so that you can find your perfect match at a faster rate.

  • Honesty and clarity

Today online dating is far more comprehensive than any one of us could have thought of. It’s not completely about visuals, it’s also about compatibility. This is far better than liking a man before getting to know him and when you get to know him, he turns out to be cruel towards animals. That is a universal sin! Hence visuals aren’t the best choice. Dating apps today come with compatibility questions & quizzes that allow you to find your right match.

  • Meeting people with the same interests

As mentioned earlier, today the internet has brought people together. But it has also matched your interests concerning dating. If you have just come out of a relationship and are not looking for something serious, you can find a person like that online. You just have to be honest about your level of commitment.

Lastly, it’s all about communication. Meet your like-minded people who respect your level of commitment. There is no pressure today in dating and you always have options and multiple dates opportunities to choose from. Dating isn’t as tricky as it felt like earlier.