How to Spot Fake Cougar Fuck Sites

 How to Spot Fake Cougar Fuck Sites

There a lot of guys talking a big game about getting successful at cougar fuck sites. These are probably the same types of guys who talk a big game about getting laid back in high school. You know these types. They think they are too slick.

You know those guys. They came up with all sorts of stories, they make guys jealous, but it turns out, 9 times out of 10, they’re just blowing smoke up people’s assess. Seriously. It turns out that a lot of the stuff that they talked about didn’t take place. It’s complete bullshit. It’s fiction.

In other cases, they exaggerate. It’s like, a chick kisses them and then all of a sudden, in their story, she’s basically giving the guy a rim job. Come on, get the fuck out of here. This is why it’s really important to not waste your time at fake cougar fuck sites. Believe me, there is no shortage of dudes making a big deal out of them, but when you spend any time on them, you would know first hand that they are a complete and total waste of your time.

How do you spot these websites? Thankfully, this is an easy question to answer. First, look for pornstar profiles. No explanation needed. It should be self explanatory.

Second, the moment you join and you get all these hot, nasty emails from chicks wanting to bang you, be very suspicious. I’m not saying this doesn’t happen in real terms, but there would be a problem if you didn’t even put up your photos and chicks are telling you how good you look. Do you see the problem here?

Third, if you notice that there are lots of bad reviews of the cougar fuck website, chances are, it’s bullshit.