How to store sex toys

 How to store sex toys

It is normal to find people buying and play with sex toys, however, these toys are considered personal therefore they require a secret to keep them. If not, it would embarrassing to get discovered by family members and friends that you’re playing with sexual toys. While buying a new toy for your adult is an enjoyable experience, it also comes a naughty adult activity that is the decision of the best place to store it and where to put it. Amovibe is here to teach you the basics of sex toy safety and how to protect your precious sex toy collection in the best way possible.

The most crucial aspect of how to keep sex toys in storage is that they need to be dry and clean prior to placing them away. Storing toys that are dirty or ones that remain wet after washing, can result in bacterial growth which could cause irritation to the skin, failure of the product or even infected the following time that the item gets used.

A good storage solution must first be in a position to keep toys that are clean free of dirt when they are not being used. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bullet or a dildo, anal beads as an example, placing the sex toys in an open drawer on a nightstand or placing it in pillows exposes it to air and germs pollution. This is not something you want to do!

Storage, be it in containers or bags made of cloth, must be discrete easy to access, and ideal, with room for toys as well as other things that require storage.

Before investing in the storage space for your sexual toys, or other toys, be sure to determine the size of your collection literally. To ensure that this solution is suitable for your needs it is essential to be aware of how long the item that you are considering, since many storage containers and bags can only accommodate toys of seven or eight inches.

Alongside the toy, you must be thinking about the accessories you’ll need to keep things like lube condoms and toy cleaners chargers, and much more must all be stored in the storage system you select. It’s also recommended to consider a storage solution to allow your collection to expand.

It is possible to find as numerous methods to keep sex toys in storage as there are varieties of sex toys. But for the majority of requirements, a bag for storage is the best choice. It is flexible enough to accommodate unusually-shaped toys like a bunny-like vibrator that has a protruding tickler and it is ideal for traveling.

The storage bins that are specifically designed for storage are a better choice for people who have a large number of toys or who wish to keep items like condoms, lube and chargers in one location. Although plastic storage containers work for this , it is best to put each item inside its individual bag to avoid any material degradation that could occur as toys get mixed.

It’s also worth mentioning that there’s also an extra toy storage box! A few features worth looking for include antimicrobial internal coating, adjustable or removable tray to fit toys of various dimensions and shapes, as well as the USB port to charge toys when they’re not in use. If you’re concerned about your privacy make sure you choose locks.

While storage boxes are among the most popular sex toys storage alternatives, there are different styles to pick from. They go far beyond the cute little pouch hidden in a drawer by the bed. If you’re aware that your toys collection is likely to increase then it’s best to plan for it first. Then, look into storage solutions that will easily increase in size as you collect more toys including containers that can be stacked with lids.

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