Interested in a Guy? Subtle Signs He Likes You

 Interested in a Guy? Subtle Signs He Likes You

Do you have your eye on a guy but aren’t sure he is interested? Women need to know there are signs he likes you and they must watch for them. However, some of these signs are more subtle than others. What should a woman be looking for in interactions with a guy she wants to know better?

Body Contact

When possible, women should touch the guy they are interested in. This may be nothing more than putting their hand on his arm to get his attention. If he pulls away quickly, move on. If he lingers, start a conversation. Also, she needs to pay attention to whether he accidentally touches her. He may brush his leg against hers and make it appear like he didn’t mean to. However, he won’t move his leg away either. Men who are shy though may become flustered when the woman touches him. Don’t assume this means he isn’t interested. Women need to look for other signs that might suggest he wants to spend more time with her.


A man who wants to know a woman better will treat her differently than others. This behavior tends to be seen most often when they are in a group. He’ll pull his chair closer to hers or put his arm around the back of her chair. Men often flirt with other women in this type of situation just to see how the woman he is interested in will act. He uses the flirting and her reaction to it to judge her interest in him. He’ll keep glancing over to see her reaction.

If it’s hard to tell what he’s doing and if he’s trying to arouse jealousy, go to the bar or the bathroom. Look back to see how he reacts. If he quits flirting, he’s interested. Men also take the time to do things for a woman that he is interested in that he won’t do for anyone else.


Shy men and even some confident ones become nervous when they are around a woman they find attractive. Men who nervously laugh around a woman may be afraid of being rejected by her. They become nervous and take deep breaths or fidget. Often, a man will look at a woman he’s attracted to. As soon as she looks his way, however, he looks away really fast. Men spend time around women frequently and don’t exhibit these behaviors. If he does so around you, it’s a sign something more is going on. Shy men are very hesitant to talk to a woman they are interested in, so keep this in mind when evaluating his behavior.

If you spot a guy you would like to get to know better, don’t hesitate to make the first move. Pay attention to these signs and take it from there. However, even if he doesn’t seem interested or you haven’t caught his eye yet, it never hurts to try. Men often make the first move, but there is no rule that says women can’t. Give it a shot, as you’ve got nothing to lose. If he isn’t interested, move on to the next one. There’s a guy out there for you. It’s just a matter of finding him.


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