Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted FB Messages?

 Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted FB Messages?

Most of the communication on Facebook is done through messages and invariably people refresh their fond memories by going through the messages time and again. Yet often messages are deleted knowingly or unknowingly and you regret deleting those messages when you need those again.

As a matter of fact, there is no officially recommended procedure by Facebook for the retrieval of deleted messages. According to Facebook, a message or chat, once removed is removed forever and their retrieval of such deleted messages or chats is not possible. Especially the deleted Facebook messages that were not backed up cannot be retrieved. However, there is nothing to get disheartened as there are other avenues that can be explored for restoring deleted Facebook messages.

 These methods can be:


  • Seek copy from receiver


Ask the receiver to send you a copy or screenshot of those messages or conversation. If the receiver has not deleted the same, you can again be able to obtain those. 


  •  From Facebook Messenger


The messages on Facebook are sent and received through Messenger application of Facebook. 

All the communication is stored or saved in Messenger application. Individuals using Facebook install Messenger application in their mobile or otherwise use message section.


  • Explore Back up


You can restore the deleted messages if you have saved those as backup. One must back up Facebook chats and messages, especially if you are using Facebook for commercial or business purposes to avoid accidental removal.  


  • Checking Archive Threads


In Facebook, you can either archive or remove chats and hence it may be better to check your Archived thread for the messages/conversation.   

There is always a possibility that you might have archived the conversation you are trying to locate rather than deleted it.


  • Setting and checking up  Email notifications


Facebook allows you to send your notifications to your email account every time you receive a message and if you happen to use this facility/option, you may look for those deleted messages or conversations through the mail box, connected by you to your Facebook account.

Using this email option, you have fairly good chances of restoring the copy of the deleted message in your email.


  • Seek help from Spy App i.e. mSpy


Generally, when you choose to delete messages on Facebook, the entire conversation gets deleted or erased forever. But, if your mobile or smart phone is equipped with mSpy application, your deleted messages can be restored with much ease. 

As a matter of fact, mSpy, spying software has been found to be highly successful and is considered as the best option for recovering the deleted Facebook messages.


  • Recovery of deleted Facebook messages from Android phone


Facebook Messenger works on principle of off the internet by virtue of which there always remains another copy of the same messages in your phone memory. Hence it is quite feasible to retrieve deleted Facebook messages for which you will need to download any file explorer for your android. 

Most people use the best one i.e. ES explorer app which can help you explore the folders on your SD card and following instructions; you can retrieve your deleted Facebook messages. 

In such cases when you need information regarding the retrieval of deleted FB messages you can check out for various options.

Danny White