Last night out: 4 tips for the ultimate bucks party

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So, your mate is tying the knot, eh? Well, whether you’re as stoked as he is about it is not really the point – the point is it’s your opportunity to show him a ripper good time before you only get to see him every month or so.

Because, let’s face it: if your mate is getting married, he’s probably really looking towards starting a family. And that’s cool, but you know what it means for you and the rest of the still-looking crew: rejected phone calls, excuses not to hang out, not-as-loose times and more of a Sunday cafe going vibe than a Saturday night rager.

That’s cool, that’s cool, but they do have to party on their bucks – they know it, you know it, we all know it! Whether you’re heading out for an awesome brewery tour, getting the boys together for a private yacht cruise or checking out one of the best adult clubs Sydney has to offer, here are four stellar bucks party ideas that your man isn’t going to forget any time soon (he may even look at it more fondly than his wedding day, who knows?):

  1. Brewery tour

Because Sydney has come alive in recent years with amazing breweries serving up some delicious bevs. With this in mind, why not take advantage of the likes of The Grifter Brewing Co., The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, Modus Operandi Brewing and others by getting the bucks crew together for a brewery tour?

You can chuck on some stupid dressups and head from beer producer to beer producer, enjoying classic yarns along the way and getting just that little bit more inebriated as you go, too.

  1. Private yacht

Because every Sydneysider has already thought about how good it would be to get out on a private yacht and sail around this stunning city. Book you, your mate and your crew a private yacht so you can experience the beauty of Sydney’s bay and beaches all with a few brews in hand.

  1. Weekend in the bush

If your husband-to-be is a real outdoors lover then there is probably no better way he would want to spend one of his last nights of freedom then by heading out to his favourite camping spot with some of the fellas.

Whether you’re 4WDing, fishing, hiking – it doesn’t really matter – the point is if your mate is one for the great outdoors then don’t bugger up their bucks party by doing something you wanna do.

Get out to the bush and do something outdoorsy – it’s good for everyone!

  1. Or you could go to the strippers (of course)

That being said, not every man is an outdoors man. Some men prefer a little razzle dazzle, a little cheeky entertainment, especially if they think it might be one of their final opportunities to do so with a clear conscience.

The strippers have always been there to provide the wondrous bucks party service, with beautiful women sending off your mate in absolute style. Plus, it’s pretty fun for all his mates, so why wouldn’t he want to get the fellas together to enjoy a little cheeky adult entertainment before he ties the knot?

We can’t answer that question, so it must be a pretty good idea.

Get planning!

These are just four pretty fantastic bucks party ideas and, hey, if you’ve got a better one then that’s cool, too! We’re just trying to get the ball rolling for what will surely be a fantastic time, anyway!

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