Meet with your true self with the healing power of tantric massage

 Meet with your true self with the healing power of tantric massage

Before learning about the concept of tantric massage, we first need to know what tantra is. Tantra is a Sanskrit word that comes from tantra yoga which is a whole holistic medical system and life coaching system teaching you how to live life from the heart, from love, from power, and with a purpose to find the most joyous life with a good sexual relationship with our own body.

Tantra is the only teaching of its time, and till today, that does not suppress sexuality but lifts it and make it seem divine. It is a pleasure that every human should feel without being ashamed of it, ad it is not sinful but a beautiful divine blessing. It is healing if done with the right intention, which should always be love.

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is defined differently by everyone, but it is a whole central body massage that enhances sexuality and releases any sexual trauma to cover the shame we have with our body, especially our sexual parts. It is to embrace the elements and love every aspect of our body.

There is much confusion if there is nudity involved in this massage, and yes, there is, but it is to remove all the barriers between you and the client and be fully present and connected.

The work of tantric massage on different levels

The tantric massage consists of different modalities, and they all work on different you need more information about it then VITAL.HELP will be the best for you. The stories are as follows:

  • Physical level – the body is like a memory that holds many traumas in the tissues. It can be big traumas from childhood, and also it can be unconscious, subtle things. The body tends to have this tension like a contraction, and when this happens, the free flow energy in the body gets stuck.
  • Emotional level – the emotional level is also connected to the pain body. Here are all the emotional traumas and the emotional stress that we have experienced as children and as adults in stuck.
  • Energy level – working on the energy body helps you set free your sexual energy because, in this, we talk about how sexual energy is the life force energy so, to release this powerful energy in your body, they just go automatically where it needs to be. It increases your orgasmic potential, relationship with your partner, and connection to yourself and your sexuality.

Chronic tension and pains in the body can just be released and dissolved, and many times, we can even experience profound pleasure, so the only way you can go to that point is through the pain.

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