Merits & Demerits of TPE Sex Dolls – 

 Merits & Demerits of TPE Sex Dolls – 

There is a lot of difference between the TPE sex dolls and the silicon sex dolls. And for beginners, it is recommended that they use the TPE sex dolls, which is better for them. Both the types i.e. TPE and silicon have their own kinds of advantages and disadvantages. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer which is a combination of rubber and plastic compared to silicon, TPE is a very novice material. So, let us now look at some of the merits and demerits of the TPE sex dolls.

Some of the merits of the TPE sex dolls – 

  • These dolls are way cheaper and economical than the silicon doll. And the best thing which you will notice about this is that it looks very much like real people.
  • The skin of the doll is made of TPE and is very soft and more real especially when you touch it you will able to feel it also.
  • Apart from that, the TPE sex dolls have good flexibility and it can be used for various multiple poses.
  • Then, the next feature is that these dolls are harmless to the human body as it is medically safe
  • Plus, it has no odor.
  • Heating equipment can be added to these dolls and they can be made warmer.
  • It can also be recycled and is environment-friendly.

Some of the demerits of the TPE sex dolls

  • These dolls can be easily dyed and are also not resistant to oil stains, so this means that you will have to be careful while handling these dolls and these dolls cannot be put up with dark colors clothes.
  • Then the next part comes is hygiene, these dolls have to be cleaned regularly. Not doing so may bred mold in the bottom areas.
  • Then these dolls can also be sticky at times, so you can just use some powder on the doll. is the best website from where you can get informative information about TPE Sex dolls.

Clare Louise