Online Dating: Making stranger your friend

 Online Dating: Making stranger your friend

Everyone is talking about how this pandemic has affected their lives, their mental health. Another major thing that is affected by this pandemic is Dating culture. When Covid 19 promotes social distancing and isolation, online dating apps are the way to break this monotonous practice. . Online dating sites are giving people this chance to set up virtual dates through camgirl websites.

Roles of Dating sites in this Pandemic:

Millennials prefer to spend their weekend in social gatherings or a gig. But due to Pandemic, this all is prohibited. This is where dating sites enter the conversation. Living through a pandemic for more than a year is tough when you want to enjoy life, meet new people. In this crisis, people have adapted to online dating sites. Where they can connect with someone new with just one click. These sites offer chat services, where you can easily talk to a person who might live miles away from you. 

What are these dating sites offering us?

We are in the middle of a crisis where our rapidly changing life has slowed way down. While Covid 19 health guidelines make it difficult to go out meet new people online dating remains the savior.

Finding Friends:

The feeling of isolation was taking over the whole world. Dating sites use this opportunity to introduce a new feature, where people can not only find romantic connections, but also new friends. So even in isolation, they are not isolated from the world. 

Creative Virtual Date:

In earlier times virtual dates meant two people who liked each other’s profile, had a few conversations and in no time they set up a face to face dates in a cafe or a nearby bar. But the pandemic has changed the course of action.

We all are maintaining social distancing, that’s why we are stuck at home. Youngstars are using creative ways to keep the spark alive, which is commendable. 

More validations to ourselves:

In social media where it’s very easy to pretend, putting up a dolled-up picture and getting thousands of likes. In the middle of a pandemic, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a pajama for your date or you can just show yourself in a little bit fashionable way. If the other person likes you on a serious level he might like you in your pajamas. The main point is if you are comfortable with that person even in your pajama or not.

These online dating sites not only promote romantic relationships for heterosexuals, but they are also promoting homosexuals, love for everyone. These sites are also providing a better platform for women where women can take charge to initiate a connection. There is no privacy issue, you can choose who you want to talk who you want to pass. They even suggest pick-up lines for shy people to start a conversation. 

Online connections can be as much as meaningful as old school dates. Online dating sites give you large options to choose from. So choose wisely who are you talking with.

Dom Paul