Sex toys ideas for older couples

 Sex toys ideas for older couples

Orgasm for women older than 50 years old is often more difficult. Reduced blood flow and lower estrogen levels are the main causes. The result: Orgasms may not occur or take as long as they should.

It is possible for women and their partners to overcome these changes by using creativity.

Even though they were once considered appropriate for solo use, the vibrators and other gadgets can enhance a couple’s sex play. It can even help both lovers achieve the elusive “Big O.”

Good vibrations

Since the late 19th Century, there have been many versions of the vibrating dildo. These can be plugged in or battery-powered. The device activates nerves that are not responding to standard methods of stimulation by stimulating them directly. Different sizes and shapes are available for vibrators. Some even look real. Many models can be set to vibrate at different speeds. This is important for sensitive skin.

The rabbit is the most famous vibrator. It has been in high demand since Charlotte, who became addicted to a vaginal-clitoral stimulator named that Sex and the City, began selling it briskly. The clitoral-stimulator part looks almost like a pair rabbit ears.

Other popular vibes include the pocket rocket, which can be used for external purposes and measures four inches long. Nonbuzzing and vibrating dildo can be inserted into the vagina of a woman. These can be used with alubricant to supplement erections.

Put a ring on the thing

Let’s say that you’re male and you want a penis rings. These rings are less common than they sound. They’re often stored in the pharmacy near the condoms.

The ring has an expanding band that fits around your penis. A small button activates a vibrator inside the ring. This vibrator is used to massage your clitoral area during sex. The “two-headed” version of the penis-ring stimulates both partners simultaneously — more blood flows to the penis.

Another popular toy with older men is the C Ring. It is worn around the penis, as well the scrotum. It is imperative that the C rings be removed from orgasms to avoid reducing circulation and causing severe problems.

These gadgets remove the pressure from performing. They may also strengthen a relationship. Studies have shown that a couple can be closer if they try something new. You should also mention they are entertaining. For example, the remote-control vibrator is designed for couples with a sense humor. It is sewn to panties and sends low vibrations through the clitoral. An effective antidote for the most severe-dull dinner parties!

Smart shopping

This is a lot of territory to conquer!

You can also seek help online at for more information. At specialty stores such Good Vibrations, Lovers (Portland Ore, Phoenix Seattle), Fascinations (Denver) and Babeland, discreet, Seattle and trained personnel will be available to explain features. They may also help to prevent you from making a mistake, which is important given the high-end toys tend to be expensive.

The toy wasn’t built for the human sphincter. If you find backdoor action appealing, make sure your toy is suitable for the task. I don’t care as much about you breaking the toy as I do about you doing something else.

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