Sexting for Newbies: How to Sext Like a Pro?

 Sexting for Newbies: How to Sext Like a Pro?

Since you have opened this article, it is safe to assume that you like live cam sex and sex chat with hot models. Well, you are not to be blamed if you do. The live cam sessions are so intimidating that you can’t control the urge to speak your mind and share your naughty thoughts.

But there is a lot more to sexting with the cam girls than throwing in random comments and pretending to be nasty. Today we will see how you can develop your skills and learn to sext like a professional. 

Learn More About the Live Cam Model 

If you have been around for some time, you know how every cam model is different and has his/her unique style and story. You need to spend some time to learn about her likes, dislikes, wishes, thinking patterns and work ethics. 

Some models might like to share things from her personal life while others might simply talk about sex and how horny they are most of the times. Everyone is different and same applies to the cam models too. So, the first step is to learn as much as you can about the performer you wish to sex chat with. 

Pick Up Clues from Her Responses 

There is no ready-made script that you can use during sex chats to make it more fun and entertaining. But you can also pick clues from the response of the cam performer. 

See what she is talking about. Instead mindlessly telling her how much you like her breasts, it is best to observe and see what she is interested in talking about. If she talks about her ex, you should talk about your past relationship. If she talks about food you should talk about your favorite restaurant or tell a story she might like. 

Avoid Demeaning Words or Phrases 

Make sure you show respect towards the performer and avoid using words like ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ as these can be a huge turn off. Not for you but for the performer you are engaging with. This can result in a ban at times or she can simply begin ignoring you. You will have your chance to use such words when you both are on a one-on-one chat but avoid using them when on a public chat screen. 

Instead try to use words that complement the looks and work of the performer. There is no better way to make her wet and horny than to say amazing things about her. 

Spend Some Tokens 

Now that you are complementing the performer, you have a perfect opportunity to send some token to control her toy and build a connection with her immediately. Avoid throwing in single token tips as that doesn’t really do anything. Make one generous donation while chatting with her and you will see how steamy it gets. 

Try these techniques on multiple cam models and polish your sexting skills over time. It won’t happen in a day but within a few weeks, you will know how to turn things around only using your words. 

Clare Louise