Some Escort Etiquettes to Keep in Mind

 Some Escort Etiquettes to Keep in Mind

Very often escorts get bitter experiences. While a lot of males are interested in top notch escort services, they may not be familiar with nominal escort etiquettes or may just don’t want to follow them. If you really want your time with an escort to be happy and sexually satisfying then you should follow some etiquette. It will help in making the experience comfy, pleasurable for both of you. Some of the escort etiquettes that you should follow are given below: 

Contacting an escort: After you have reached out to an escort then you shouldn’t book any other service for that hour! It is important that you set your priorities and keep these special hours limited for the escort. Also ensure that you make your booking a few hours before. Another thing to keep in mind is to refrain from using nasty language or derogatory remarks. 

Also ensure that you only make legit enquiry. Try to express yourself to the fullest so that the escort knows what you want from her. They are available round the clock and any day. So, you can book them for any hour.

Manners: Once you have booked your date, try to be your best and behave your best. Dress well and present yourself in a good condition. Do not be late or make the escort wait for you. Also try not to over-drink so that you are in your senses. Do not ask for personal details of the escort such as family, religion or financial status till the time they are open to talk to you about it.

Hygiene: It is important to freshen up or take a shower before meeting an escort. Also ensure that your mouth is clean. If you have eaten a smelly food such as onion or garlic or smoked, then rinse your mouth well. It will make you more desirable. Shave your face well. All in all, you should look clean, smell good, breath fresh and look your best to cast an impressive impression on the escort.

Safety: Whether it is in-house or out-call, safety is very important. Make sure the ambience is comfy and friendly. Also ensure that the room is well-lit for proper introduction. Clean the place to make a good impression. Keep in mind there shouldn’t be anyone else other than you, unless it is pre-decided. 

Payment: Well, payment is a serious thing for escorts. Make sure you don’t hand them money in a public place. It may appear awkward or embarrassing. Always hand the money in an envelope. Try not to negotiate the price at the last moment. 

Tipping: Paying more than the decided amount is always great! It shows the escort that they have met your expectations and you are satisfied with their service.

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