The Couples and the Sex Videos

 The Couples and the Sex Videos

Many couples watch naughty content to spice up and explore their sexuality. Do you think about it? Would you like to offer it? It is not always easy to do it. Here are the tips to get there, without discomfort or drift.

It’s a desire that is running through your head, watching a pornographic video with the man or woman who shares your life. And you are not alone. According to a survey, half of the couples have already viewed such content.

Only here, you do not necessarily know how to go about talking to your partner, to introduce this practice without creating discomfort or drift. Some people wonder about its risks: can it create complexes, or addiction? Here are the tips to make this moment simple, pleasant and able to boost your couple’s sexuality with the best sex videos like swag 影片.

Couples porn: why so?

If many couples are not interested in the thing, others express the desire to watch these videos in pairs. And they don’t have to be ashamed of it: it can be an excellent way to maintain desire, spice up sex life, explore new practices. But still, the desire must be shared. “The difficulty is when the two partners are not at the same level, that one needs it more than the other, emphasizes sexologist Sylvain Mimoun. So, this is no longer an opening game: one becomes an object to satisfy the other’s need. “Be careful, therefore, to be on the same wavelength. A good way to test the ground is to use open suggestions. “We ask progressive questions to see how the other reacts, by deciphering their facial expressions”.

Define the content

On the Internet, when it comes to pornography, we sometimes find the best. but often the worst. Not sure that your partner will appreciate the video of a person subjected to ill-treatment or a zoophilic act (yes, we really find everything). Forget the improvisation which could plunge you into a very embarrassing situation. Look for the right video beforehand. For that, a small briefing is necessary to define what excites and puts off the partners. The peculiarity of pornography is that we see the organs, unlike eroticism. Women often tend to favor the more evocative scenes.

While watching

It doesn’t seem to matter how you watch porn, but in reality the screen and technology are very important a laptop is better than a smartphone. Of course, even if the phone is more manageable and seems faster, it is inconvenient to look for movies on it and it is not interesting to watch them. It’s better to conveniently position the laptop so that both of you fully see the screen and prepare yourself physically and emotionally.

Imitate allowed

The best thing about watching sex movies together is to find something you would like to try together. Porn can be a good opportunity to express your preferences and discover sexual fantasies. In the end, pictures sometimes speak more than words, so it’s easier to look at new positions than explain to each other in words where to put your arm and leg. For example, by simply saying “Wow, that’s very cool.” the partner will already understand that you want to try just that. If you want to go straight to the action, you can just leave the movie on, pause it or bookmark it.

Clare Louise