The Unique Attractions That Marseille Has To Offer

 The Unique Attractions That Marseille Has To Offer

The city of Marseille has a lot going for it that makes it a truly fascinating place to visit. Here are just five of the many reasons why you may want to consider visiting Marseille to have a rich and memorable experience.

Marseille is more than just France’s second-largest city – it’s also one of the oldest, founded way back in 600 BC by Greek settlers and then taken over by the Romans. Marseille’s history is packed with drama and intrigue and many of the monuments are centuries old, which adds a sense of antiquity to the city.

Multi-cultural heritage

The French Mediterranean city takes pride in its multi-cultural heritage – you’re likely to bump into an Arab or African shop while shopping in the Old Port, but you may also see a relative of Napoleon lounging on the steps in front of Notre Dame, which is just one example where Marseille happily co-exists with its past.

Rich literary history

The city has a rich literary history, too – you’ll see the names of Amedeo Modigliani and Marcel Proust printed all over the city, for example.

Highly sophisticated food and wine

Marseille is also famous for its highly sophisticated food and wine, which will tickle your taste buds in more ways than one.


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Ask any Marseillais about their city and you’re likely to get answers in French – there are no less than three languages spoken in Marseille, which adds a unique dimension to this cosmopolitan city. The variety of languages and accents adds to the sense of what it means to be part of Marseille.


The food you’ll encounter in Marseille is delicious, and you’re likely to find that the restaurants offer a diversity of cuisines – from Arabic to Thailand from Portuguese to Vietnamese.


It’s clear that the city of Marseille has a lot going for it, so why not visit and see what all the fuss is about? You may discover that this isn’t just another French city, but rather one with fascinating attractions that make it stand out from the crowd.