Things to consider before hiring a dating coach

 Things to consider before hiring a dating coach

You have been dating different guys for a while now and every time you don’t seem to get the right one. You’ve reached a point where you even doubt yourself because of the lackluster results you’ve got in dating. You don’t get asked for a second date, and all the time you have tried to make things work, you end up getting hurt.

That means you are in desperate need of a dating coach, someone who has experience in matters relationships and who is ready to walk you through and get your Mr. / Mrs. Right. However, not every dating coach will help you, some are just out to make the pennies and leave you to chat the waters. Continue reading and see the qualities you need to look out for when hiring a dating coach.

The dating philosophy of the coach

Every dating coach has a philosophy on dating. For some, it is all about impression but the best is on confidence. A good coach will have a program that is based on dealing with self first.  You don’t need a program that trains you to be a bitch to attract men, nope, that’s a misconception. Get to know the approach of the coach on finding love. Research the many dating companies and pick one whose philosophy resonates with yours. 

Their solution to finding love

A good dating program focuses on socializing, in real life where you meet friends and build your social confidence. That builds your esteem and you have the guts to initiate healthy relationships that will lead to a perfect match. A dating coach who focuses purely on dating online or offline or even matchmaking may not help you so much. Get someone who has a balanced approach to finding love.

Check out their content

Before you invest in buying the books or watching their content on YouTube, you need to confirm what their free content is all about. Does it add value? Is it based on sound principles and is it something you feel good about and ready to apply? It is so frustrating to spend your good money on something that you may not need. A good coach will be ready to offer lots of free valuable content so that you’re even eager to spend more to get their advice.

A program vs. a coach

Not everyone would feel comfortable with a coach and probably you are that type. You are not limited to hiring a coach, there are online dating programs that would work perfectly with you. These are in terms of videos, eBooks, and even print material that will help you in your dating journey. Most dating coaches don’t have one-on-one coaching sessions but instead, they develop these programs. They simply don’t have time to handle the many numbers that come their way and by setting up subscription services, they can help many people. Even with this program, you can schedule a one-on-one meeting with the coach at some intervals- this will help you get some clarifications on things that you don’t seem to understand.

Even as you look for a dating coach Brisbane, you must take some time and work on yourself. Step outside your comfort zone, interact with people that you’ve not before, and take challenges positively. This will build your confidence and give you the right attitude even as you go through the program.