What is an Enneagram Coach and what do they do?

 What is an Enneagram Coach and what do they do?

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The enneagram test of personality is called this way because it comes from the old Greek word ennea meaning nine. As the name or the number suggests, there are nine types of personalities who are connected between them.

When it was used is unknown, but some written documents point out South American psychologists in the 1950s first ever used this system. Today, it is widely used in a business context, where coaches are trying to help employees and business participants about how to use their personality types and help the business grow.

The nine personality types are written differently depending on the source you’re looking at, but let’s take some general understanding of it and see what they are. Check out more about this on the link. The personality types are:

  • Perfectionist (Reformer)
  • Helper (Giver)
  • Achiever (Performer)
  • Individualist (Romantic)
  • Investigator (Observer)
  • Loyal (Guardian)
  • Enthusiast (Epicure)
  • Protector (Challenger)
  • Mediator (Peacemaker)

What does the Enneagram Coach do?

The most important issue revolving around the Enneagram is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to know by yourself what it means after you finish the test. The test is done by answering several chunks of questions with simple yes and no.

However, the final results are not easy to be read by a common person. The coach is a person who’s skilled and experienced in understanding the final results. They are going to come up with the logic in what you have answered and find out what your type of personality is.

Once they do this, they’ll explain it to you. The results will show you precisely who you are. The point of accuracy is often so deep that people are left stunned by how the coach reads their past and what has been happening in their lives.

How does this help?

The coach is going to explain your personality and will show you what type you are. To be fully dedicated to the job, your type might not be perfect. You can’t change this, but you can learn how to adjust to the working environment.

You can learn how to address the colleagues and how to make the best version of yourself in the office. The coach is there to talk to you, address the problems, communicate with the other people too, and make an environment in which everyone will thrive.

We can’t change the way we are, but understanding who we are and talking to a coach can be highly helpful. The coach’s side of seeing things, reading the test results, and explaining what you need to do, can make both your stay in the company better and raise productivity at the workplace.

How to find the best coach?

The business of coaching is on the rise right now. There are more of those who are working in this field. However, when it comes to this special niche, you can say that there are not as many as we would like them to be.

Finding a great Enneagram coach is harder than you might think. You need to look thoroughly and be dedicated to the cause. The internet is the best place to look for them, and you’ll probably find a dozen if you just type in the search engine what you need. However, you don’t know if these guys are a top choice.

Instead of taking the first one you see and hope for the best, you should go through some layers of finding out if someone’s worth your time. What you need to do is go through their portfolio and check their experience and previous engagements.

See who they worked for and if they’ve spent enough time working as a coach. If they are inexperienced, it means that they won’t always read the results precisely. This may cause inconvenience and set the wrong foot on projects your company is working on.

On the other hand, those who do have experience will be truly helpful. Another thing you should do is check their reputation and review score on pages that are dealing with these sorts of problems. See what others think of their work and were satisfied.

If the reputation of the coach is flawless, then you know you should hire them, but if more people claim they were not satisfied with their work, then this is not the perfect fit for the job.


The enneagram is an excellent system that helped millions of people find out about their true self and learn how to act accordingly. If you realize that you’re not the type required to be the boss, then you might be doing everything wrong. See more on this here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescoachescouncil/2018/06/15/what-your-enneagram-type-says-about-your-leadership-style.

Having a coach to guide you and make the best leader and manager out of you will help both your career and the progress of the company.

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