What Should You Know About Female Dominance?

 What Should You Know About Female Dominance?

Femdom in BDSM is in demand among men quite often. This is one of the ways to relax for the stronger sex, forced to be leaders and tired of it. In such relationships, they get what they cannot afford in everyday life: to show weakness, dependence on someone.

Female dominance in BDSM 

In most cases, women want to please the man they love or try to keep their partner, reanimate the cooling relationship. Watching femdom video, you will discover women who consciously accept games with female dominance finding in them an increase in their own self-esteem, an opportunity to exercise power.

A dominant woman can take control of her partner’s orgasm. To do this, before the start of the game, it is necessary to come up with conditions under which discharge will become possible. In the course of the game, as soon as the man approaches the climax, the woman does not give permission for this. The more often forced to restrain an orgasm, the more a man will desire this and humiliate himself.

Pain practices are not as common

Masochists are generally not a very numerous category. But moderate lashes, slaps, and kicks are perfectly acceptable in a session, especially if they come as punishment. The mistress can also use melted wax and walk on the body of a slave in shoes with thin heels. Even among the subjects, there is an opinion that sex with a mistress is unacceptable – they say, the upper one cannot put herself in a subordinate position, because sexual intercourse a priori makes her a slave. 

You can look at intimacy from the top as you like – someone follows this statement, and someone believes that the lady can do whatever she wants, including allowing the submissive access to her own body.

Danny White