Women endure better separation than men

 Women endure better separation than men

Divorce is one of life’s ordeals (sometimes it can be more like a relief, but it is no less difficult). If everyone has their own way of resuming their lives after the fact, it seems that there is a fundamental difference between the two sexes: the ability to move on and the whole thing in a good mood. A study conducted by Style magazine reveals that women would be happier than men after separation (GIRL POW… Uh, I’m sorry). The research focused on 1,060 divorcees with an average age of 54 and 30 questions about their lives and the reasons that led to the break-up. It turned out that 53% of the women surveyed said they were “much happier” after the divorce, which is the case for only 32% of the men surveyed. They tend to use derogatory words to describe their experiences such as “failure” and “disappointment” when women have a more positive perception of things, hence their use of more positive terms such as “satisfaction,” “excitement” and “party.” Indeed, there is a real contrast!

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Divorce is nothing to be ashamed of for 86% of people

61% of women also admitted to being happy to be single and want to remain single, compared to 47% of men. Although these gentlemen are more likely to maintain feelings of love for their ex-spouse (they are 17% in this case compared to 8% among women), they start a new relationship more quickly (this is the case of 30% of respondents). The study also looked at the causes of divorce and the first is related to a change in behaviour in the partner for 49% – 14% still confessed that it was they who had changed. The second reason is the lack of fulfillment in the couple become unhappy, followed by one of the partners who fell in love with another person. Various interesting information resulted from the research: 1/3 of couples divorce after 5 years, the big decision is often made quickly (after 6 months on average) except that in couples with children who study the issue more, and finally 86% feel that divorce is nothing shameful (still happy!). Ah, last thing: the best reaction to a divorce for the respondents? Make the party! The definition of “After the rain comes the good weather” …

Danny White