Bongacams: Webcam model shares real figures on how much income she earns

 Bongacams: Webcam model shares real figures on how much income she earns

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced many individuals and businesses to embrace digitalization and utilize the internet a lot more. The economic impact of the pandemic favoured a few businesses but for many individuals who were made redundant at work, they were left to search for new job opportunities online—with some discovering the world of webcams. 

For years now, the adult industry has been on the steady rise and according to reports, it is worth an estimated $97 billion which is massive, considering even Hollywood is worth approximately $10 billion even after releasing almost 600 movies annually. Due to the popularity of adult websites, it comes as no surprise that these platforms offer innovative services to models to earn more money and adult webcam modelling is one of many. But how much do webcam models really make?

Emma, a webcam model from Washington in the U.S., speaks to a reporter on how lucrative adult webcam modelling is—giving her honest opinions on her income and down to exact figures. Emma is very active on Instagram, where she regularly promotes her services to her subscribers. Recently, she made a post informing them to check out her earnings from the adult webcam site, Bongacams—posting a photo that showed a $28,296.03 paycheck for just one month. 

In the United States, the average monthly salary is about $4,056 for those working 40-hours weekly and clearly, Emma makes more than six times that amount every month. Her astronomical income figures are partly due to global lockdown measures which have caused many individuals to go into self-isolation, therefore making webcam sites more popular globally.

On her Instagram story, Emma frequently shares very useful tips on how webcam models can boost their popularity and increase their earnings, how to block certain regions from viewing your broadcasts, other ways you can earn more money on BongaCams and many more. 

“Thank you, BongaCams!!! Thanks to everyone who watches my broadcasts and makes my every day happier!” said Emma in one of her Instagram posts which garnered thousands of likes after she revealed earning $4,228 in one day. 

Now, she is actively travelling to different locations while still working as a webcam model on BongaCams. From these exotic locations, Emma posts beautiful images and admits that being able to afford her current lifestyle merely six months ago would not have been believable. 

Emma is just one of many other webcam models who have become financially independent, proving that it has become one of the most lucrative and exciting sources of income available today. 

BongaCams allows models to become financially stable and also empowers them to embrace the freedom to earn money from wherever they are. With just a mobile phone or a laptop and a good internet connection, models can broadcast to their subscribers from anywhere in the world. The platform has no special registration requirements but following local laws, all models and subscribers must be above the age of 18 to gain access to the website. 

It is safe to say that the pandemic has opened a window of opportunity for many girls—whether new or active in the adult industry—to make more money in the comfort of their home.