Experience the smooth flow of power 

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Female domination comes in many shades.

Most mainstream porn videos show extreme femdom, whether it is male or female-dominated. But female domination comes in many shades, including the gentle one where there is no harsh punishment but a lot of tantalizing activities. Gentle femdom is a perfect domination style with mental or physical harassment but with a perfect flow of sexual energy between two partners. It is the other end of extreme bondage, with a power-play with a mellow tone. The script and theme of these porn videos emphasize sensuality, nurturing and reward.

You would be amazed to watch how partners explore their sensualities, strengthen the bond of love through unspoken trust, and enter a new domain of erotism. Both the dominant and submissive partner heightens their confidence in each other and comprehensively understands their feelings. The variant of videos offered is quite extensive; from gentle to hardcore, you can satisfy your urge to dominate your partner in this fantasy world.

Many people think the dominant or submissive trait or switching is inscribed from birth. So you may assume you cannot learn to be more dominant in the bedroom or let your guard down to be more submissive. But even if you are born aggressive, you need to learn new techniques and skills to give more pleasure to your partner, and the videos teach you to master the art of seduction. With the right mindset, open mind, apt ambience and tools, you can be more dominant in the bedroom.

Paul Petersen