Escort industry and the pandemic

 Escort industry and the pandemic

How the pandemic has affected the escort industry in the past few months? Are the London escorts affected at a higher level due to this situation? For finding the answers at these questions and for other useful information regarding this aspect, continue to read this article.

What sex workers say about the pandemic

There are plenty of sex workers who say that they have faced the stark choice between destitution and illegal prostitution after Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have been taken. The lockdown has actually resulted in prostitution being somehow criminalized in some parts of the world. Sex workers have faced and still are, fines as well as a criminal record for breaching the rules. They have said several times that this ban has put their lives at risk. How to hire escorts during the pandemic is not as easy as it used to be before the situation. There are many sex workers who have stopped doing this job in order to not put their health at risk. On the other hand, others have chosen to go for video chatting, which wasn’t such a bad idea as they thought at the beginning. Furthermore, the incomes have significantly decreased, as there are not as many clients as they used to be. Overall, the escort industry has seriously been affected.

It is not safe for escorts to work anymore

Unfortunately, this is the truth. It is not safe for sex workers to provide their services anymore. It is true that it wasn’t safe before the pandemic as well, but now things are even worse. London escorts have also noticed that the number of clients has decreased quite a lot, especially because many of their customers were foreigners and the flights have been canceled many times in the past few months. London is one of the most vibrant and visited cities in the whole world and there are plenty of escort agencies. However, many of them have stopped working, although lots of independent escorts are still doing their job even though the risks are quite high.

Some safety measures have been taken

Those who are still offering adult work services, such as the escorts from uEscort, have taken some safety measures for protecting their health. The disinfectant has become mandatory for sex workers and customers alike, and most of them also use face masks. Even though they are having sex, they use protection and they avoid kissing. Even so, the risks are still there, but not as high as they would be without any type of protection. Hopefully, this entire situation will soon pass, so that everyone can have a normal life, just like before the pandemic.

The escort industry has been affected quite a lot due to the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean that things will remain like this for a long period of time. Even with these changes, escorts are still trying to do their job as good as possible, especially because this is the only way they know how to make money.


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