How to avoid awkward conversation: 7 simple rules for enjoyable and sincere talks with girls on a dating site

 How to avoid awkward conversation: 7 simple rules for enjoyable and sincere talks with girls on a dating site

With a nowadays technology, you can meet someone not only in real life – video chats on dating sites are back on the wave of popularity. But how to chat with a girl without feeling unnecessary awkwardness?

With the advent of video chats, dating opportunities have expanded very significantly.
The guys who used to be afraid of approaching the girl they liked and talk, can no longer worry about a possible refusal because even if something doesn’t work out, you can always look for someone else among thousands of others.

However, it is worth adhering to a few tips to make the conversation more pleasant and not clumsy, both for you and for the girl you are interested in.

1. Decide what you want from the relationships.

“It is impossible to find someone for a serious relationship on the Internet” – so believe many people, being probably unaware that there are many resources other than just intimate chats. If you decide to get a serious relationship, discard all hints of sex, so as not to frighten off a potential partner.

2. Work on your appearance.

If you were in a video chat at least once, then you probably saw men over 50 in a dirty T-shirt and crumbs all around the mouth. Don’t look very attractive, do you agree?
Well, now imagine what kind of look it will be for a girl who carefully chooses her outfit for every little thing (even to go to the store).

Try to look neat and stylish, but not pretentious. The appearance can be very important, and as much as we would like the opposite, we often judge others by their first impression.

4. Use a good camera.

Poor video quality is like bad taste representation these days, so take care of suitable equipment. And don’t forget about the sound quality too,
you may even approach it like its a video conference for work, where everything must meet certain standards.

5. Take care of self-presentation.

This item is especially important for introverted guys, who don’t feel confident around pretty girls in real life. Write yourself a script and decide which options are acceptable and which ones are not worth mentioning. And don’t forget to be appropriate: there is no need to tell every little detail about your whole personal life, limit yourself to general information, and spice it with humor.

6. Try to act naturally.

Being a pretender is not as bad as hinting at sex after a minute of conversation, but of course, it is not good either.
If you pretend to be someone else, then you must constantly control yourself, try to stick to the role, and not to say something inappropriate.
It is difficult, deceitful ant tiring, so be yourself, only within reason.

7. Follow the rules of etiquette.

Whoever says otherwise, etiquette is still one of the main pillars of communication, which people quite appreciate even more nowadays.
Follow the rules of etiquette doesn’t mean that you need to speak like as if you were at a business meeting – you still communicate informally.
But simple politeness and the absence of swear words can impress much more than you might expect.
And no one will like interruptions or constant usage of filler words, so you might want to pay attention to that too.

If you are already want to try and meet someone in a video chat, then here is a small list of good dating sites: OkCupid, Mingle2, Luvfree.