How to Establish a Long-Lasting Relationship

 How to Establish a Long-Lasting Relationship

In the life of every person, at a certain moment, a time comes when the coziness of a strong relationship becomes very tempting. If you are tired of games in the love field or just became interested in taking an existing relationship to a serious level, you may have many questions about how this can be done. This article will help you determine whether you are ready for a serious relationship, give tips on how to go to them, and tell you what should be done to maintain fresh feelings.

First of all, start with informal communication with a person.

If you are single and want to fix it, it is very important not to rush things. The search for a real soul mate may take some time, so at the first stage of the relationship, you should trust the natural course of things. Of course, all relationships are different from each other, but in any case, you should not rush them.

Usually, you should not start talking about such things as marriage and children at the first meeting with the person you like. This may be acceptable for people of more adult age, but such topics for conversation are far from always suitable for starting a relationship.

In the first days, weeks, and even months of acquaintance, your main goal should not be to establish a serious relationship but to study the person as they really are. And only after that, you can decide whether you want to stay with this person, or you better look for someone else. If you set yourself the main goal of establishing a long-term relationship, then because of this you may need to make serious concessions on your part, so to speak, you will sacrifice yourself for the sake of establishing a relationship. For this reason, in the first couple of months of dating, it is better not to start talking about the transition to a serious relationship.

After a couple of months of dating, introduce your partner to friends and family, wait until some more time passes, and ask their opinion about this person. If all the reviews come down to how well you fit together, how happy you are together, and other compliments, then consider this a good sign.

Ask friends and family about your relationship.

No wonder they say that love is blind, and you can turn a blind eye to the obvious shortcomings of a future relationship, while it will be easier for friends and relatives to notice possible problems. It is always helpful to listen to the independent opinions of loyal friends and loved ones whom you can trust.

Do not forget that you yourself are responsible for your own life, and the decision to establish a relationship will have to be made only by you. If your friends do not like your choice, this does not necessarily mean that your partner will not be able to fit into your company, especially if you are really happy together.

When the relationship can be considered to be established, discuss your expectations for the relationship with your partner.

If you are thinking about transferring relationships to a serious level, it is important to first discuss this with your partner to reveal all the cards and find out if they are interested in this. There are many different types of relationships, views on what they should be, and ideas regarding the obligations that accompany them, so it’s best to ask your partner how they imagine your relationship.

Ask your partner a simple suggestive question, for example: “What do you think, how far can our relationship go?” Be prepared for any possible answer. What is the term “long-term relationship” for you? A couple of months? The period before the first quarrel? Or marriage? Children?

Consider possible events that will require you to fulfill certain obligations. What happens if your partner gets a job across the country? Would you like to move in with them? Under what circumstances do you decide to leave?

One of the ways of making your relationship stronger at this point is to find common interests, so here are some great family activities at home for you to check out.

Share your life goals with your partner.

What do you want to achieve? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What career do you want to devote yourself to? These things can interfere with your long-term relationship, or at least add some complexity to their development.

Be able to immediately recognize your incompatibility with a person. If you want to travel a lot in the coming years, and your partner does not want this, then you should discuss this. Relationships that make you do things that you don’t want to do at all cannot be considered healthy relationships.

There is a difference between a willingness to have a serious relationship and a willingness to have a serious relationship with a specific person. In general, a serious relationship is a tempting prospect for a good and secure life, but are you ready for this with this person? Right now? You should seriously think about it and discuss everything together with your partner.

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