Marriage Scams on Dating Sites

 Marriage Scams on Dating Sites

Internet dating is the service that offers almost limitless possibilities for quick online search for the significant other. And many scammers use such an opportunity. They manipulate human feelings, and then they try to get rich due to the credulity of single women and men. Who do they choose as their target? What types of scammers are there? And how to behave with scammers correctly?

  1. Request for help

This is perhaps the most famous and common type of fraudulent schemes,  jump4love scam moderators say. With this scheme, scammers are willing to spend several months to charm their victim as much as possible, talking about the joy of a speedy meeting and what kind of future the potential victim might expect. And at the moment when it seems that the happiness of two lonely people is so close that they are ready to meet and get married, some details are found out that are the most real obstacles to achieving the goals. Among the most common reasons why lovers can’t meet: 

  • A person suddenly had an accident.
  • Someone from not the closest friends deprived the “potential partner” of the business.
  • The scammer was struck by a serious disease that must be cured.
  • The scammer doesn’t have enough money to get to your country/city. 

In fact, such a list can be extended almost indefinitely, but the most important thing in every paragraph of this list is that the scammer tries to put pressure on human conscience, weakness, as well as on kindness and other human feelings.

  1. Freeloaders

These are people who like a freebie. They literally show how self-sufficient and successful they are. Their photo albums contain photographs from liners, restaurants, mountain peaks, and so on. That is, they try to create the impression of a person who doesn’t stand in one place. Many people fall in love with such a potential partner and even insist on meeting them as soon as possible. But the meeting will not be banal because freeloaders will not go to the movies or cafes, but to the seashore or other romantic places. They will also choose flight, airline company, hotel, and resort themselves. However, in this case, freeloaders will take time until the moment when there will be literally 1-2 days before departure. Then just a few minutes before paying for the flight, their bank card is blocked, or the banking service simply ceases to function normally. But without the ticket, they can’t go anywhere. Of course, if the “victim” decides to pay for the services of a tour operator, this is the end of communication with a freeloader. The victim will never hear about the scammer.

  1. Lonely parents

These scammers try to play on parental feelings, and the type of fraud itself is literally beyond good and evil. People who dream of their children often become victims of such scammers. In this case, if a person agrees to talk with a scammer, he/she hopes to get everything at all – both the loved one and the children who need care, affection, and love. Also, a person can think about the future, that is, think about the fact that he/she and the potential spouse will have more children and a strong family. A little later, the scammer comes up with a lot of heartbreaking stories about the illness of the child, about the lack of funds, about fatigue, etc. That is, a single parent will use a child as a manipulator. Some people may do video calls on Skype to tear at the end of the dialogue and ask for money. What to do in such a situation? If a single parent suddenly starts asking to pay for surgery, medications, etc., it is worthwhile to at least require documents.