According to research, condoms have a 98% efficacy rate; however, the efficacy is much lower in real life due to the wrong usage of the product. Some people don’t know how to use condoms correctly, thereby damaging them during use and rendering them useless for any protection.

Although many condom brands from condom stores like come with a product instruction sheet, many are not keen on reading it in the heat of the moment. Here is a guide on how to use a male condom properly for maximum efficacy.

Check its expiration date.

The first step of correctly using a condom is to ensure it is still usable. After purchasing your condoms, check the expiration date on the condom package before you open it. Keep in mind that when a condom is improperly stored or old, the latex breaks down, which means that it is prone to break during use reducing its efficacy.

Feel for the air bubble

Another way to determine the freshness of a condom box is to feel for the air bubble in the package by gently squeezing it between your forefinger and index finger. The presence of the air bubble means there are no holes in the package; therefore, the condoms are intact.It is best to ensure you buy your condoms at reliable stores such as to avoid any doubts.

Open the condom package carefully.

Wash your hands first if you have been touching your partner intimately before the intercourse. Your hands may have fluids from foreplay that may contaminate the condom. Then tear open the package along the tearing edge. Avoid using scissors, teeth, or fingernails as they may rip the condom with the wrapper.

Identify the right side of the condom.

Identify the right side of the condom by holding it up. Note that it must be worn on an erect penis. The rim should roll up on the outside rather than tucked underneath. You can unroll the condom a bit to check, but don’t stick your fingers inside it. You’ll know you got the right side when you start rolling it down on the penis.

Suppose you accidentally put on the condom inside out, throw it away as it is already contaminated, and start with a fresh one. Never have sexual intercourse with a condom on in the wrong way as it might slip off during the act. If it feels too tight, then the condom is too small. Using a condom that is too small or too large increases the risks of its failure. Take your time during your purchase at to find the right condom.

Press the tip after donning the condom

Roll the condom gently down to the base of the penis to avoid any infections transmitted from skin-to-skin contact. Then gently press the teat to remove any air trapped at the end of the condom, which can easily cause it to break.

Hold the condom at the base while withdrawing.

After ejaculation, hold the condom at the base while withdrawing to ensure it doesn’t slip off. Remove the condom carefully before the penis becomes less erect.

Dispose of it

The last step is to dispose of the condom appropriately. Condoms should be disposed of in a trash can, not the toilet, as it can clog it.

Paul Watson