Paul Watson

Key Differences Between Swinging And Polyamory

Many people are unaware of or don’t understand the many aspects of alternative lifestyles. People may choose to live in different lifestyles, such as polyamory or swinging. Both are “open” relationships you can find in these open relationship articles which are similar to each other and can be linked, but they have very distinct differences. […]Read More

Staying In an Imbalanced Relationship – Should You Do It 

Experiencing imbalance in a relationship is quite common. Almost every couple goes through a phase where they feel like the effort to balance the relationship is made from only one end and the other person is not willing to contribute anything to it. Some people keep on trying to bring everything back to normal whereas […]Read More

What to do to prevent the routine from creeping into

Beginnings of relationships are usually passionate, full of emotions and surprises. However, as time passes and partners get to know each other, things become much more predictable. But don’t worry, it’s not necessary that your exciting romance will turn into dull relationship. On the contrary, the longer love lasts, the better it is. There are […]Read More

Bucks party Ethics: How Far Can You Go?

How do you know when you have done too much in planning a bucks party. Think pictures of nude people that artists have been creating for centuries. When do they stop being artistic expressions and become straight-up pornography? Both are created to elicit a response, so one could say the difference is in the response […]Read More


According to research, condoms have a 98% efficacy rate; however, the efficacy is much lower in real life due to the wrong usage of the product. Some people don’t know how to use condoms correctly, thereby damaging them during use and rendering them useless for any protection. Although many condom brands from condom stores like […]Read More

What Turns a Woman Off When You Start Dating

Dating can be difficult, especially when it comes to understanding other people. If you are interested in dating women, then it is important to try to understand what may turn them off. Whether you are in a relationship or are currently looking, here are some things that turn a woman off early on in the […]Read More

Online Dating Advice for a First Date

We might have had the idea that introverts are people who are boring and monotonous to be around, just because they do not mingle in large groups or even talk to you about everything.. Well, don’t we really think that it would be quite a good option to sit back, relax and know more about […]Read More

What is the significance of an online dating site?

Life is a humdrum affair. It conveys more trouble than moments of peace as it is impossible to pre-determine one’s fate completely. Life is unpredictable; however, as humans, we never get tired of finding a reason to smile. This defines the true nature of humanity. Amidst the tides of life, humans need a partner who […]Read More

Online Dating – the best way of enjoyment

The traditional courtship of couples is disappearing. Since the birth of the internet, the ways of flirting and finding a partner have changed. It started with traditional chats and contact pages, but in recent years mobile applications have gained in use and popularity. Today, when a friend tells that he has met someone in the […]Read More

Get the perfect matching for your life

Choose the right one for your life Dating becomes simple and effective for everyone loves to have a date whether a male or female both wants to meet up new personality and character to spend the best time with them. Many dating applications and dating site are available on the internet and some are the only to […]Read More