Spice in Marital Life with Swingers

 Spice in Marital Life with Swingers

Marital sex life can become monotonous and uncreative over time, leading to a lack of pleasure. In this way, alternatives emerge to return passion. Sites like https://Swingersdates.co.uk/ are offering the best options for them.

One of the most frequent fantasies is imagining that the couple itself is having sex with another, what is known as swinger experiences, as explained by a psychiatrist and sexologist. You can of course go fir a Swingers  date with your partner and have the best time there. No wonder that this will be a fine experience for you now.

However, from saying to doing, there is a stretch and getting to convert the classic duet bonding into a threesome, an orgy, or an equitable exchange with other couples requires previous talks, mutual commitment and the assurance that the option sharing a bed with another, or others, can be a bold way to enrich the bond or to avoid infidelity.

The Differences

It differs from the other practices in that it is something shared as a couple where a symbiosis of pleasure is achieved

  • The guideline of not engaging emotionally is one of the obligations that had to be fulfilled to venture into the new.
  • Now, the specialist raises one of the fears that arise from this practice: “Can we affirm that the presence of the couple themselves having sex before our eyes increases sexual excitement? What about love for the other?”.
  • In this way, he explained that arousal is based on the double role of being the protagonist and spectator of the sexual scene. The voyeur gaze fulfills the function that fantasy used to have.

There are also deeper aspects from the subjective point of view that take root in the very construction of the couple’s bond: because I possess you, I share you.


People who agree on this type of proposal have a good ability to dissociate the image of the other, who is loved, accompanies everyday life and common projects, to focus attention (and enjoyment) on that aspect of the other that cuts it off almost exclusively as a sexual subject.

Including third parties in bed, sharing or agreeing to have “open partners” are different ways of making wishes and fantasies come true

In some cases the idea of ​​avoiding the pain of cheating caused by infidelity underlies, in others it is a “test” or “challenge” to prove the love of bonding, and in other cases, it will be simply by desire or desire to undergo sexual practices.

Problems arise when pre-established rules are not followed and / or when it is urgently necessary to repeat the meetings, since without them, the pleasure that the relationship of two could provide is not enough. The people or couples who choose these practices must know how to get in and out of them without more repercussion than obtaining a bonus of sexual enjoyment. They should not generate blame, self-reproach or bond conflicts at all, hence each one must be sure of the possible emotional repercussions.


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