The Smartest Choices for Being with partners in Sex

 The Smartest Choices for Being with partners in Sex

Your Smartphones now have a place of first choice in our daily lives and if we criticize them a few times for roughing up our intimate lives, they sometimes know how to put themselves at their service.

This is how applications offering to assist us in the development of a Thai dish or in the making of a cashmere sweater, help is invited even under our duvet and puts in our hands something to spice up our naughty life by offering some games and activities for “Smart sex partner finding”. You can search for free sex site there.

Here are a few rosy ideas for using your “smart phone” battery via applications to be downloaded eye to eye to vary your hugs or laugh a little.

For the preliminaries

Here are two applications that will allow you to break the ice and slide smoothly towards climbing desire and lustful envy. With these naughty little challenges, you will have the opportunity to discover new caresses and get a taste for other forms of foreplay that the comfort of habit had prevented you from exploring.

Preliminaries – spice up your sex life

An application that lives up to its name. It consists of a game board traversed by the two lovers, each box offering a sexy pledge in order to dive gently, but surely, towards the hottest somersaults. And you can also drag your own proposals into the game.

Based on the famous game of our naughty adolescence, you will find in this application a number of naughty pledges which you can decide in advance the content: from the softest to the hottest. With pawns or without, you can customize easily your app and take you to the naughty game of exhilaration.

To find the right position

Numerous and varied, the applications offering positions allow you not only to explore new avenues of pleasure, but also to venture towards novelty on a playful basis with physical challenges and fits of laughter during your aborted attempts contortionist apprentices.

Sex Life

This application offers to revisit various positions from different angles. You will thus discover how the 69 can be practiced lying down, sitting or standing. It is enough to feed naughty imaginations which can have a tendency to repeat. You can also select a location at random or save it to your favorites.

Another way to immerse yourself in the Kâma-Sûtra with illustrated and well described positions. You can discover one at random by shaking your phone or choose from the different categories corresponding to your current mood.

To check its performance

Everyone can now access the world of calculation and statistics using a wandering finger and a touch screen: developers have had fun creating various applications supposed to convert our somersaults into encrypted data.

Spread Sheets

Getting started during your somersaults, this application is based on your sound and mobile intensity to qualify your lovemaking and create a statistical base of your performances with regard to duration, frequency, or sexual rage. Although this application is reputed to be one of the most serious in the genre, it obviously claims more to entertain you than to offer you a real lustful mathematic base.

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