Staying In an Imbalanced Relationship – Should You Do It 

 Staying In an Imbalanced Relationship – Should You Do It 


Experiencing imbalance in a relationship is quite common. Almost every couple goes through a phase where they feel like the effort to balance the relationship is made from only one end and the other person is not willing to contribute anything to it. Some people keep on trying to bring everything back to normal whereas some give up when they feel like there is no use in holding onto something that never existed. Understanding whether or not to hold onto the imbalanced relationship is the final factor here.

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Staying in an Imbalanced Relationship

As the thought goes, “the outcome of anything that is done will always reflect on the effort that is offered from both the parties in a relationship”, no relationship can serve if there is no effort from both ends. Just like they say ‘life is a vehicle that runs on two wheels, and can get into an accident if one vehicle gives up anytime while running’, effort from both wheels is the key to a successful ride on a vehicle called life.

  • You get what you give in a relationship

The important factor to consider while staying in a relationship is that both the people involved are equal, and there is no one superior to the other. The active participation in a bond from both sides will reflect positively, and if one person gives up, then it is reflected on the other.

If there is no equal effort from both ends, then one person cannot pull the vehicle of life as far as possible when the other person has given up. This will lead to the tragic end of a relationship, as one cannot withhold something that no more exists from the other end.

  • Carrying all the weight in a relationship is not life 

Some couples will have to move away from one another or maintain long-distance relationships because they are not ready to give up what they have between them. During such cases, equal effort to save the relationship is expected from both ends. The person that did move away cannot expect the other person to take one or two flights whenever they feel like meeting each other.

One person cannot carry all the weight in a relationship to keep it together. If there is no effort from both ends, then no connection will stay strong like before.

Benefits of Matchmaking

When you have moved on from a bond because of any reason, your next step should be to find love again. Even though it takes a few months, weeks, or years, you can stay assured that someone somewhere out there is waiting for you and can complete you like you wish to be completed in a relationship. You can take the help of the matchmaking services as well.