The Perfect Dating for Your Choices

 The Perfect Dating for Your Choices

It seems distant the time when we met people without using our smartphones and other dating sites.

Today we are in the dating app era, where finding people are as easy as swiping right or left. With more or less prejudice on the subject, the truth is that everyone “has a friend” who has already used and met someone through this means.

At a time when we are talking openly about apps and dating sites, there is clearly no shortage of options. The best known is Tinder and is ideal for people who want to meet a lot of other people. But there are also other options for those who are very busy and who do not have time to have a relationship, for those who prefer the inside than the outside or those who seek the love of their life. Through doublelist you can have the best choices here.

Are you too busy and don’t have time for a real relationship?¬†

The app does everything for you: every day at 5 p.m., it offers you three candidates according to their “requirements”. You can select different preferences ranging from size to education received. Although this app is considered elitist (they are themselves “very exclusive”), there are no randomly chosen relationships, games, false profiles, shame or voyeurism.

Do you think it’s time for women to take control?

The app comes down to one thing: power is up to women. If, for you, the idea that only men court women is outdated, this application shares your opinion. On the app, the woman is in charge and it’s up to her to court without fear or shame.

Are you looking for a real relationship?

The creators of Hinge assume themselves to be an application for meetings and relationships, so in principle we can count on a certain seriousness. The application allows users to link friends of your friends through Facebook links. So the probability of finding someone completely outside of your circle is significantly lower than other apps. In addition, this application asks you funny questions like ” What is your favorite song for singing in karaoke?” “. Everything is done to encourage users to start the discussion in a relaxed manner. And then, don’t we say my friends’ friends are also my friends?

Quality instead of quantity?

Thanks to this application, every day users receive a list of 21 potential candidates, which they can then approve or not. The more you use the application, the more the application will know your tastes and thus you suggest people who match you.

Do you want to meet a lot of people?

Truth be told, this is where most people looking for a dating find themselves though a few dating apps will boast of having as many users as Tinder . Everyone knows how it works, but let’s remember: swipe to the right if you like what you see, swipe to the left if you don’t like. The app is said to be used for casual dating, but beware – according to a recent study, there is no more casual sex through this app or other dating apps than in real life.

Do you like to criticize?

The app is to unite users according to what they don’t like. After all, nothing better to unite two people on the basis of what they do not like. With over 4,000 subjects to hate (or not), ranging from fangs to vegan food, the app brings people together based on the hatred they share.

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