What to do to prevent the routine from creeping into our bedroom?

 What to do to prevent the routine from creeping into our bedroom?

Beginnings of relationships are usually passionate, full of emotions and surprises. However, as time passes and partners get to know each other, things become much more predictable. But don’t worry, it’s not necessary that your exciting romance will turn into dull relationship. On the contrary, the longer love lasts, the better it is. There are different ways to intensify pleasurable feelings and wild desires. Watching good porn is definitely one of them. It can stimulate your imagination and fuel your sexual appetite.

Discover your desires

Have you ever watched porn with your partner? It is a great way to improve your relationship. Watching erotic films with your significant other allows you to show what turns you on. If you have a feeling that your sex become boring and positions are always the same, you can explore porn movies with your partner and find completely new, satisfying positions. Maybe you always wanted to have oral or anal sex and your partner was not into it? You can find a good porn and show your significant other a few examples of unconventional intercourse. There is a chance that watching a sexy blowjob will arouse your partner’s appetite.

Direct your own porn

If you are more an exhibitionist than a voyeur you can also make amateur porn with your partner. Some people enjoy the idea that somebody is watching their sexual performance. But if you are not one of them, you don’t have to publish your amateur porn anywhere, you can keep it to yourself. Making private sextape is something incredibly exciting, too. It elevates the passion in bedroom to impossible level. It surely kills boredom and brings intensified pleasures. Just imagine – private sextape allows you to watch your naked partner in any time.

A miracle cure

Do you have a problem with erection or your partner does not arouse you anymore? Good porn can cure you. Find the most attractive actress in the world and fantasise about her when you are making love to your partner. Hard erection and wet pussy guaranteed. Porn can also cure premature ejaculation. Watching lots of titties, cunts and asses lowers your sensivity and enables you to last longer in bed. There are even porn movies called jerk off games. Their aim is to make you masturbate during whole film without dripping a drop of sperm.

Discover your fetishes

Porn allows you also to discover your fetishes. It can inspire you to bring an exotic element to your bedroom. In erotic movies you can find all kind of stuff – sexy stockings, handcuffs, nurse or teacher outfits and many, many more. Find what turns you on and present it to your partner. It can make your sex so much better.

Pleasure in itself

Last but not least, watching porn is pleasurable for its own sake. Especially when you watch it with your partner and you masturbate each other. Rubbing a pussy during a film feels really, really good. If you are bored with usual petting you can use porn to improve your sexual experience. But beware of overdose. Too much porn could have completely opposite effect.

Paul Watson