What Turns a Woman Off When You Start Dating

 What Turns a Woman Off When You Start Dating

Dating can be difficult, especially when it comes to understanding other people. If you are interested in dating women, then it is important to try to understand what may turn them off. Whether you are in a relationship or are currently looking, here are some things that turn a woman off early on in the relationship.

Being ignored

Communication is key in any relationship. So, if you spend long periods of time early in a relationship not responding to a woman, that can definitely be a turn off. Women understand that you have a life. Work, school, friends, and family can all get in the way of being able to respond right away, but there is no excuse for just ignoring a woman. This can be a sign of uninterest or lack of communication skills. A partner that can’t communicate is absolutely a turn off for many women and ignoring them can perpetuate this idea. So, respond when you can, and let her know when you’re going to be too busy to respond.

Overly admiring yourself

Self-confidence is an important characteristic to have, but it’s important not to let it go too far. Your words should never be the only thing that proves to a woman that you are great. Being too confident can be a huge turn off for women because often the loudest person in the room actually has the lowest confidence. Don’t go into a date telling her how great you think you are, just be honest. Having a huge ego can be a major red flag.

Obsessed with sex

Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship but being overly obsessed with sex can be quite a turn off. Women constantly have to be put up with objectification, and they work to be seen as more than sex objects. So, being too sexual early on in a relationship can push that harmful rhetoric. Don’t get me wrong, women enjoy sex, but being overly sexual early on in a relationship can be a turn off for women. If you read up on sex tips for women you can help understand what works and doesn’t work for some women.

Lack of grooming habits

Women in no way expect you to be perfect. Women tend to put a lot of effort into how they look, and they expect some effort from you too. You don’t need a wear a suit and tie to a first date, but at least make sure you are proud of how you look. Having a fresh shave or trim can show women that they matter to you. Showing up in your workout clothes right from the gym tells them a different story. Women tend to appreciate effort in a relationship, and poor grooming habits can express that you aren’t interested in putting any effort into how you look. You know that women are going to put time and energy into how they look. So, consider doing the same for them.

Wandering eye

This one may seem a little obvious, but it’s more common than you think. When you are out with a woman, flirting with other women like a waitress or bartender can be a huge turn off. Be aware of your actions toward other women, and how they may affect the person you are with. Your actions in the early stages of a relationship are very telling. If your eye is wandering now during the honeymoon phase, then what is going to stop it from happening later in the relationship.

Rude behavior toward them

Being rude to a woman is a huge turn off. Whether it’s using too much vulgar language, getting way too drunk or cutting her off when she’s trying to speak, rude behavior can be a sign that you don’t respect her. Being too rude early on can be a sign that things will get worse as you get more comfortable. So, women tend to be turned off by this negative behavior directed at them.

Rude behavior toward others

Women pay attention early on to pick up on rude behavior. Yes, they’re looking at how you treat the restaurant staff and the loud couple a few tables over. You can be the nicest person on a date, but if you are rude to someone else in public, that can be a turn off for many women. How you treat other people is often a reflection of how much you respect them. So, being rude to other people can be a huge turn off.

In conclusion, these rules don’t apply to every woman. Certain circumstances can change these situations and the outcome but having a respectful attitude can ensure that your date goes well. If you’re noticing that women tend to pull away from you after a certain amount of time, then read through this list and see if any behaviors apply to you.